We are delighted to announce our partnership with Camping PuntAla! As an association devoted to the protection of nature in Tuscany, we understand the importance of collaborating with a local business that shares our vision and values.

Camping PuntAla is a 4-star resort in Castiglione della Pescaia that offers a holiday in contact with nature. Most importantly, they have recently launched the project #EnjoyRespectPuntaAla project, with the intention to expand an environmental-awareness campaign in Punta Ala, from the tourist marina to the Bocca d’Alma. Their objective is to remind the public of the good practices for correctly experiencing nature in Tuscany.  In addition, Camping PuntAla has recently committed to becoming a plastic-free resort.

The Tuscany Environment Foundation recognizes that to best promote sustainability in Tuscany, it must be able to partner with local actors. Collaboration with local hotels is a great step to maximize our positive impact. This is why we have chosen to work in partnership with Camping PuntAla. Just like us, they have made the promotion of the Tuscan environment one of their main objectives.

More info on Camping PuntAla’s website: https://www.campingpuntala.it