Workshops: Restoring The Tuscan Watershed

€10,000 awarded

17 – 20 November 2022

Tenuta di Paganico (GR)

A series of workshops, round-table discussions and practical demonstrations on how we can regenerate our drying landscape and bring water security back to our region.

Hosted by
Zach Weiss from Elemental Ecosystems (USA)
Lorenzo Costa, from Azienda Agricola La Scoscesa, Tuscany (Italy)


Course description

Over the course of four days, participants will be lead through the foundational principles of watershed restoration at both small and region-wide scales with both classroom presentations and practical demonstration of the concepts. This is an occasion to dive deep into the fundamental principles of water in our landscape and to help guide a new vision for land use across the region. Participants will learn the basics of designing and implementing water-retaining landscapes. Using the example of Tenuta di Paganico, we will work with Zach and Lorenzo through a consult for the farm, revealing the current watershed status, performing test slices and other explorative actions. This will be followed by group classroom work exploring together the methodologies and planning towards a water-retention design for the farm and region. The aim is to demonstrate the practical activities applied to a landscape, and then expand that to how they can be applied to a whole region-wide scale.